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Chiropractic Care

Doc Rob is experienced in treating all ages and conditions with natural chiropractic care. He has seen pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with problems such as scoliosis and herniated, bulging or slipped discs.

With chiropractic care, your nerve function is improved, which can result in benefits such as:


Better sleep, digestion and energy

Diminished arthritis in the spine

Reduced pain, sickness or disease

Techniques That Are Suitable for All


Doc Rob utilizes the Diversified Technique, applied according to your particular needs. A drop table and Activator® instrument are also available when necessary.


You can rest assured that chiropractic is extremely safe with hundreds of thousands of adjustments taking place all over the world. During the adjustment, you may hear a noise. This noise is due to air that accumulates in the joints of your spine. The adjustment may release the air, which is a positive sign that there is the proper amount of space in the joints.


Contact our clinic today to schedule your appointment. Convenient Saturday visits are available, and your consultation fee is waived when you purchase a package.




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