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New Patients

Welcome to Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Wellness Clinic, a relaxing place where you can feel at home and make the most of your healing experience. Our friendly team looks forward to meeting you.

The First Visit

When you arrive, we will have some forms for you to fill out before you watch a five-minute educational video about chiropractic care. Then, you will meet with Doc Rob for a thorough consultation and examination of your spine. You will receive a chiropractic adjustment, and Doc Rob will review his findings with you.

New Patient Paperwork

We will detail the following:

  • If we can help you
  • How long it will take to see results
  • The number of visits recommended

Most of our patients choose to purchase a package plan at a discount. The consultation fee is normally ₱1,500, but it will be waived if you opt for a package.

The Benefits of Continuing Care

Just like going to the gym regularly, periodic chiropractic visits can keep your spine in shape. Once you have overcome your chief complaint, we can maintain your health with consistent monthly appointments. Your health is an investment, and in the long run, you will save money by improving your health with chiropractic care.

Schedule your appointment by phone or email today.


Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Wellness Clinic | Serving Quezon City and Makati CBD