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Reviews for Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Wellness Clinic

The Feeling of Relief Was Right Away

Claudine Barretto receiving adjustment“I am deeply honored to be one if not the first patients of Doc Rob. I have cervical spondylosis and scoliosis hung bata pa ako. I’ve been going to orthopedic doctor even chiropractors since I was 12. One day my neck and back pain was unbearable and I decided to call my friend because she had told me to try to have my neck and back aligned. The pain was so unbearable I was so touched that Doc Rob and Patricia with their kids did a house call. The feeling of relief was right away.

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I believe in Doc Rob and told him I have been to the best doctors and chiropractors but for me he is the best chiropractor in the Philippines. I would not have entrusted my children’s body for alignment if I didn’t trust Doc Rob 100%. Since then we make it a point to be adjusted every other week. I told Patricia and Doc Rob that they should open a clinic because he doesn’t charge as high as the other chiropractors here in Manila. My heart was so full and I can only be one of those so excited to see his patients and clinic do very well. You’re a blessing to all of us your patients. More power! We will always be proud and grateful for being a part of your family.”

– Claudine Barretto

Derek Ramsey and Doc Rob

“I’ve been playing sports all of my life. Through the years of competing in numerous sports, I’ve beaten up my body to the point where i was in so much pain. My body had no more energy and I was deciding to give up competing until I went to see Doc Rob. After a few sessions I got my energy and strength back.

He got me completely signed and my life was never the same again. I had no pain anymore and was motivated again to compete.”

– Derek Ramsey

Best Chiropractor in Town

Ara Mina with daughter and Doc Rob“I met Dr. Rob in the US through his wife, my great friend Patricia, and he gave me my first chiropractic treatment there as well. It was very quick, but the effects were long-lasting. I remember that I felt very relaxed for so many days. The treatments that Dr. Rob gave me all these years were always pleasant and beneficial for my health. I rarely get sick and I always have a great amount of energy even in the most stressful situations. I also noticed that even if I work non-stop, I don’t get aches and pains anymore. This is why I started my daughter early on chiropractic treatments. I believe that along with proper child care, chiropractic care is very important for my child’s overall health. It’s been proven to help in nervous system development and immune system function. I was so glad when Dr. Rob opened a clinic in the Philippines. He’s the best chiropractor in town!”

– Ara Mina

Doc Rob and GladysSo Relieved to Discover Chiropractic

“I am Gladys Reyes-Sommereux, 40 years of age, an actress/host and mom of four children. I am just so relieved to discover chiropractic that brought positive change in my body. In my 38 years of existence, I wasn’t aware then about chiropractic, the effects of it, til I met Dr. Robert Walcher. I’ve known his wife Patricia who is a colleague at work, after so many years that we lost contact, we met again last year when they guested on my show Moments. I would say it was a perfect timing because I was experiencing neck and back pain, it wouldn’t go away even how many times I was massaged.
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When Dr. Rob told me to visit his clinic in Quezon City, to be honest it took quite long before my visit pushed through because I was halfhearted that time and didn’t know what to expect, I’m afraid it will take too much of my time and I will be late for work. Until my first session finally was scheduled, to my surprise it was no more than 5 minutes, I already felt the difference, tightness on my neck loosened, back pain I was complaining about, I felt better. Had I known, it will just be that fast and I would be relieved right after my first session, I would have done it earlier and didn’t delay it.

Since then, despite toxic schedule, I try my best to see and visit Doc Rob regularly for joint adjustment and spine alignment. I even brought my whole family even my kids, because chiropractic is definitely safe and ok for them to avoid ear infection, to correct posture etc. Dr. Rob is a licensed chiropractor so we don’t have to worry. You will never regret it as I am so grateful I was introduced to the benefits of chiropractic care.”


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